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Prearranging your funeral is one way to assure your family peace of mind. Taking care of your own arrangements means your family won't have to during a time of great distress. Advanced funeral planning gives your family the opportunity to focus on the memories of your life, rather than the details of your death.

Today, people choose pre-arrangement so survivors will know their exact wishes regarding the funeral service, merchandise and burial. This eliminates burdensome second-guessing and conflict among family members. Another reason advance funeral planning has become popular is because it is a smart financial move.

Although the average funeral and burial can cost much less today than many people expect, these costs are subject to increase due to inflation. Our firm offers plans that can literally "lock in" the price of your funeral at today's rate, meaning your family will pay nothing extra at the time of need for the service and merchandise. Pre-funding your advance funeral plan is a wonderful gift to leave behind.

Your advance  funeral plans may specify the type of memorial service you wish to have, your casket and vault selection, and even cremation arrangements. Whatever your individual preference, you'll have peace of mind, knowing all the details are written down and kept safely at Palmer And Swank Funeral Home.

Download our Personal Pre-Planning Guide

Includes frequently asked questions and a worksheet to document your personal wishes.


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Whether you are planning for yourself or a loved one, our staff will help you with all the details.

Pre-arrangement is not a complex task, and there's no "magic" age to do it. In fact, the best time is right now, with a clear head and no pressure. For more information about pre-arrangement contact Shawn Portz at (515) 576-3156.

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